Semrush Pricing 2024 – Which Plan Is Better?

As a Semrush user, the team and I have been constantly exploring its features and using them for our work. What I found is that many users who are looking to buy are often confused about Semrush pricing. And the biggest question they have is – Is Semrush worth it considering its price? 

When it comes to Semrush pricing, it has three main subscription plans: Pro, Guru, and Business, ranging from $129.95 to $499.95 per month. 

These plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals at different stages of their digital marketing journeys. 

In this article, I’ll examine Semrush’s pricing structure, explore each plan’s features and limitations, and help you determine which one best suits your needs.

I’ll also break down each plan in detail so you can understand if Semrush is worth investing in! 

A little spoiler – I’ve also compared it to its competitors to help you get a better idea of the pricing structures. 

Semrush Pricing Plans — A Quick Look

Before diving into the details, let’s take a quick look at the Semrush pricing structure:

PlanMonthly SubscriptionAnnual SubscriptionBest For
Pro$129.95$108.33 per monthSmall teams, new digital marketers
Guru$249.95$208.33 per monthAgencies and mid-sized businesses
Business$499.95$416.66 per monthLarge Agencies and enterprises
  • Semrush’s has three core plans and its minimum pricing starts at $129.95/month
  • All the plans are available monthly and annual. Subscribing to the annual plan provides you with a 17% discount
  • New users can get a 14-day free trial on Pro and Guru plans with our exclusive partnership link (The standard trial is only for 7 days)
  • A 7-day refund policy is available with every plan.

How Much Does Semrush Cost?

Let’s break down the Semrush pricing plans in more detail:

1. Pro Plan – $129.95/month Or $1,300/year

Semrush - Pro Plan

The Semrush Pro plan is an entry-level offering designed for small businesses, startups, and individuals just starting their digital marketing journey. This plan provides access to a range of essential features, including:

  • Domain Analytics: Analyze the authority and performance of your website or your competitors’ sites.
  • Keyword research tools: Discover high-value keywords, assess their difficulty, and find related keyword ideas.
  • Site auditing tools: Identify technical issues on your website and get recommendations for improvements.
  • On-page SEO checker: Evaluate the optimization of your content and get suggestions for enhancing it.

The Pro plan comes with some key limitations, such as a maximum of 3,000 reports per day, 250 keyword metric updates per month, and the ability to track up to 500 keywords simultaneously. You can also create and manage up to 5 projects on this plan.

2. Guru Plan – $249.95/month Or $2,500/year

Semrush - Guru Plan

The Semrush Guru plan is designed for users who require more advanced features and functionality. In addition to the core capabilities found in the Pro plan, the Guru plan unlocks the following:

  • Content Marketing Platform: Access a suite of tools to help you develop a content strategy, manage content creation, and measure the effectiveness of your content.
  • Historical data: Gain insights into your or your competitors’ websites’ performance over time, dating back to 2012.
  • Google Looker Studio integration: Seamlessly integrate Semrush data into Google’s free data visualization tool.
  • Keyword cannibalization report: Identify pages on your website that are competing for the same search queries.

The Guru plan also offers more generous limits, such as 5,000 reports per day, 1,000 keyword metric updates per month, and the ability to manage up to 15 projects.

3. Business Plan – $499.95/month Or $5,000/year

Semrush - Business Plan

The Semrush Business plan is tailored for enterprises, large agencies, and businesses with complex digital marketing needs. This plan provides the highest limits and additional features, including:

  • PLA (Product Listing Ads) research: Analyze the performance of competitor’s Google Shopping ad campaigns.
  • API access: Integrate Semrush data into your own applications, widgets, and dashboards.
  • Share of Voice metric: Understand your relative market share of traffic for your tracked keywords.

The Business plan allows you to manage up to 40 projects simultaneously, track up to 5,000 keywords, and run up to 10,000 queries per day. It also offers the highest monthly page crawl limit of 1 million.

Semrush Add-Ons Pricing

In addition to the core subscription plans, Semrush offers several add-ons that users can purchase to enhance their experience:

  • Additional Users: Starts at $45/month per user
  • Semrush Trends: $289 per user per month
  • Semrush Social: $29.99 per month
  • Local SEO (Basic): $20 per month
  • Local SEO (Premium): $40 per month
  • Agency Growth Kit (Start): $69 per month
  • Agency Growth Kit (Scale): $149 per month
  • Agency Growth Kit (Advanced): $249 per month
  • ImpactHero: $200 per month

These add-ons provide additional features and capabilities, such as competitive intelligence, social media management, local SEO optimization, and agency-specific tools.

Does Semrush Offer A Free Trial?

Semrush does offer a free trial to new users. The standard free trial period is 7 days, but through an exclusive offer, you can get an extended 14-day free trial on the Pro and Guru plans. 

Semrush Free Trial

This extended trial period gives you more time to explore Semrush’s features and determine if the platform is the right fit for your digital marketing needs.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Semrush Refund Policy

Semrush offers a 7-day refund policy on all of its plans. If you are not satisfied with its services, you can cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase. Make sure to contact Semrush support through to cancel your account. They will process your refund within 30 days of the request. 

Semrush Pricing – Which Plan To Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right Semrush plan, the Guru plan is often considered the “sweet spot” for many users. It offers a balanced set of features and functionality, with more generous limits compared to the Pro plan, while still being more affordable than the Business plan.

The Guru plan is well-suited for small to medium-sized agencies, digital marketing professionals, and businesses that need to manage SEO for multiple websites or clients. It provides access to the powerful Content Marketing Platform, historical data, and advanced reporting capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for content-driven SEO strategies.

If you’re still unsure which Semrush plan is the best fit for your business, you can always reach out to the Semrush team and discuss your specific needs. 

Request Semrush Custum Plan

They may be able to provide a customized solution or recommend the plan that best suits your requirements.

Semrush Pricing vs Alternatives: How Does It Compare To Other Tools?

Now, let’s compare Semrush pricing with other top competitors: Ahrefs, Moz, and SimilarWeb. I will also compare the features and offerings in brief so you will have a better understanding of this comparison. 

PricingStarts at $129.95/monthStarts at $99/monthStarts at $149/month Starts at $99/month
Backlink AnalysisYesYes (Strongest)LimitedYes
Keyword ResearchYesYesYes (Limited)Yes
Rank TrackingYesYesYesYes
Competitive AnalysisYesYesYes (Traffic Focus)Yes
Technical SEO AuditYesYesLimitedYes
Content Marketing ToolsYes (Limited)NoNoYes (Limited)
Social Media MonitoringYes (Limited)NoNoNo
PPC AnalysisYesNoYesNo
Local SEO FeaturesYesNoYesYes
Free Trial7 Days No free trial7 Days30 Days
Reason to ChooseLarger database, more features overallStrongest backlink dataBest for traffic analysisUser-friendly interface

How To Cancel Semrush Plan?

Let’s say you are on a paid plan, but you want to cancel the plan. Maybe you don’t like the services or want to switch to another tool. Regardless of the reason, you can follow these steps to cancel your subscription. 

  • Log into your Semrush account from the official website.
  • Through the menu in the upper right corner, select the “Subscription Info” page. 
  • Next to the “active” link in the recurring portion of this page, you will notice another link. Click “Contact Us” after dragging the pointer to this link. 
  • To cancel your account, you must fill up the application for cancelling your account. Click “Submit” after completing it. 

Within some time, the support staff will contact you and confirm your cancellation request. 

If you are canceling your account to receive a refund, make sure to cancel within 7 days of the first payment.

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Final Verdict: Semrush Pricing Starts At $129.95/month

Semrush offers many price tiers to suit the needs of various types of enterprises. 

While the pricing may seem high compared to some other SEO tools, the depth and breadth of features offered by Semrush make it a worthwhile investment for those who are serious about their digital marketing efforts.

Whether you choose the Pro, Guru, or Business plan, Semrush provides a wealth of data, insights, and optimization tools that can help you drive more traffic, generate more leads, and ultimately grow your business. 

Remember to take advantage of your extended Semrush Pro or Semrush Guru 14-day trial offer.


Can I add more users to my Semrush plan? 

You can add additional users to your Semrush plan. The cost for additional users varies by plan: $45 per user for the Pro plan, $80 per user for the Guru plan, and $100 per user for the Business plan.

Does Semrush offer any discounts or promotions? 

Semrush does offer an annual billing option, which provides a 17% discount compared to the monthly subscription. Additionally, they occasionally run special promotions, such as the extended 14-day free trial we mentioned earlier.

Does Semrush offer a money-back guarantee? 

Semrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans. If you’re not satisfied with the service within the first 7 days, you can request a full refund.

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